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PM2.5 protective mask

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Product Details

The outer layer is made of medical SSS high quality non-woven fabric, which supports three-dimensional 3D design to block dust. The filter layer uses high efficiency electrostatic filter material to filter PM2.5. The mask is 100% covered by high efficiency filter material, leaving no gap for inhalation air. Class A (B/C/D) protective effect, filtering effect as high as 99%, ultra-low respiratory resistance, breathing more smoothly. Three-dimensional tailoring, designed specifically for various kinds of face shapes, the outline closely fits the shape of the face, and the nose clamp fixes the most easily loosened sides of the nose wing, effectively isolating polluted air. It is suitable for protective masks worn to filter particulate matter in air pollution environment of daily life.

PM2.5 protective mask



Model material, very comfortable to wear and effortless breathable, while warming your face in cold weather;

Light weight with comfortable and adjustable elastic band;

N95-level filtration material is applied to the face mask;

Individual package;

Unisex for Men and Women with simple design and look cool;

Suitable for doing activities such as cycling, horse riding, snowboarding, or climbing.

PM2.5 protective mask 



Type: PM2.5 three-dimensional folded type 

Material: Cotton

Features: Anti Haze, disposable

Size: 12.2*11.5cm (Approx.)

Color: Optional

Package: 7pcs/box


PM2.5 protective mask


1. The face mask can protect you from PM2.5, germ, dust, droplet, pollen and soft flocks;

2. The face mask can not protect you from hazardous gas;

3. The face mask is disposable and can not be washed;

4. Please throw it into the dustbin after using it and then wash your hands to prevent cross infection;

5. Please keep the face mask in a dry and clean environment.


We will ship it from China and it’ll take about 7 calendar days ship to most countries on the Earth, if customs clearance is successfully and smoothly, but maybe taking 10 days if customs hold the shipment. Please make sure there’ re delivery service in your area. We will normally use DHL, FedEx.

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