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Non-sterile disposable face masks medical

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Product Details

Non-sterile disposable face masks medical mainly consists of a mask body, ear loops and a nose clip. The structure diagram is shown below.


The mask body is composed of three layers of non-woven fabric, which are white non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric and blue non-woven fabric from the inside to the outside, the nose clip is made of plastic material, and the ear loops are made of polyester and spandex.


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Specifications: Flat fold, ear loop,17cm×10cm

Performance Standard:YY/T 0969—2013

Components and Materials: This product consists of non-woven mask body, nose clip, and mask belts.

Applications: For clinical medical personnel to wear during non- invasive procedures, covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw, providing a physical barrier to prevent the direct penetration of pathogens micro-organisms, fluid and particles. Non-sterile, not for invasive procedures.

How To Use: Unpack to take out a mask. Curve the nose wire in the upper part of the mask around your nose, then extend the folds vertically so that your face is covered down to the bottom of your jaw. Don’t touch back side of the mask with your hand.

Caution: For single use only; reuse is prohibited; medical waste treatment required after use.

How To Store: Store at temperature -10℃~+40℃, humidity ≤ 80%, a well-ventilated environment away from corrosive gas.



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Sterile disposable face masks medical