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PCB Assembly

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PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. PCBA is created by soldering electronic components to a printed circuit board. A PCBA is nothing but a PCB before said components are soldered onto it.

A PCB assembly has nothing to do with the fabrication of a PCB. It is a completely different process. Creating PCBs takes a multi-phase undertaking that includes the design of a PCB, then subsequently the evolution of a preliminary model of a PCB.

The roles that PCBs play in medicine and health care is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. Medical PCBs are used in the cardiovascular field, for heart-related applications, like pacemakers. They are also used in medical imaging applications, like in MRIs. Third, they can be found in monitoring devices and gadgets such as body temperature monitors. There are countless PCB assembly solutions for the medical industry.