Medical /Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing

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Our company produces 500,000 masks per day, and can produce 1 million masks per day in a month. All masks are produced in strict accordance with the procedure and will never be outsourced in excess of production capacity to ensure the quality of each shipment and the traceability of the market of each mask. Our products have passed the CE certification approved by the European Union and can safely and smoothly pass through the customs of the European Union. Here's how our medical surgical face masks are made:


Raw material storage:

All the raw materials provided by our qualified suppliers will be centrally stored in our raw material warehouse after quality inspection before storage, and the materials in the warehouse are stacked according to the types of materials. In the raw material warehouse, there are non-woven fabric for the inner and outer materials mainly used in the production of masks, as well as elastic ear loops and plastic nose clips needed in the production of masks, as well as the middle filter layer material (the core of the mask), also known as melt-blown fabric. There will be a material card next to each raw material stacked. When each batch of raw materials enters the warehouse, record its entry time and batch information in detail, and when it comes out of the warehouse, register its detailed receiver and the receiving quantity as well as the balance in stock, in order to facilitate our quality department to trace the quality of each batch of masks. Then quality department can trace back from the batch number of each batch of masks to the batch and supplier information of the raw materials used in this batch of masks, as well as the specific number of masks used, so as to complete the identification of the traceability records of the allegations.


Manufacturing workshop of Medical /Surgical Face Mask :

The production of medical /surgical face mask is carried out in a clean room, and the mask machine used is a fully automatic flat mask machine, which can complete all the processing processes, such as folding, welding, crimping of ear loops and nose clips, etc.


The main raw materials of the mask, including the inner and outer non-woven fabric, the melt-blown fabric of the middle filter layer and the nose clips are fed into the ultrasonic welding device through the input transmission device of the mask machine. Several kinds of materials, including wrapped nose clips, are welded by ultrasonic, and the welded materials are sent to the position of the cutter, and the complete slices are cut out according to the designed size. What the conveyor belt sends out is the sliced mask body. The slices are sent into ear loops welding devices through the conveyor belt, and the ear loops on both sides of the mask can be welded at one time through an ear loops welding device. after this process is completed, a complete mask is finished.


In the process of finishing the mask, in addition to the basic finishing, but also the basic quality of the finished product needs to be checked, including the welding firmness of the ear loops, to ensure that the quality of the mask is up to standard.


The finished product from the mask machine can enter the process of the inner packing bag, and then the workers of the inner packing station carry out the action of the inner packing in accordance with the prescribed quantity requirements. After the completion of the bagging work, enter the sealing link of the inner bag. After the completion of the sealing, you can see the date of production and the period of validity of the sealing in the sealing place of the inner bag.The sealing link of the inner bag mainly controls the sealing effect of the inner bag to ensure that there is no air leakage. After completing the sealing of the inner package, the products can be transferred out of the clean room and into the outer packing room for outer packaging operation.


The outer packing room mainly completes the packing of the outer box and the registration of the product information of the inner packaged products that have been transferred from the clean workshop. In the process of packing, we register the production date, product name, specification, production batch number, including the operators in the production process for each product for each batch of products one by one, in order to complete the establishment of the traceability record of this product. This ensures that each batch of products can be traced back from the registration information to the production date and operator of each batch of products after they are shipped.


Inspection lab:

Each batch of masks must be inspected before they leave the factory. According to the requirements of laws and regulations and the requirements of our internal quality control, the non-sterile masks must get through the physical index (mask size, appearance, and welding strength of the ear loops) inspection before leaving the factory, and also get through the microbial index test to ensure that the microbial content of each batch of products achieves or meets the requirements of the established quality standards;


Sterilize masks have to be tested for ethylene oxide residues after they are sterilized before leaving the factory. The relevant testing items are carried out in accordance with the established quality standards of our company, and each batch of products is sampled and tested by the quality department in accordance with the sampling rules.


At the same time, we carry out a quality control test on the environmental parameters of the workshop, including the indicators of various colonies in the air.


This is all our manufacturing process about disposable medical /surgical face mask. If you are still confused, contact us anytime.

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