KN95 Face Mask Manufacturing

Date:2020-04-10   Click:1756

KN95 face masks are actually masks that meet the requirements of China GB2626 standards, and “GB” means China standards. This refers to the filtration efficiency of≥95% for non-oily particles. The good news is that currently our KN95 face masks have passed GB2626-2006 and CE standard, also FDA registered.


KN95 mask is mainly used in non-medical places to prevent all kinds of aerosol particles suspended in the air, including dust, smoke, fog and pathogenic microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses). This product can effectively block the droplets discharged by the mask wearer from polluting the surrounding environment. It is made of high-quality material with multiple protections, achieving greater than or equal to 95% filtering effect; Stretchable ear-loop, comfortable design, with no pressure to the ears; 3D design, high fit of human face, no strangulation of facial skin, excellent wearing experience; Foldable design, easy to carry, convenient to put on and take off.

KN95 Material: Non-Woven Fabric+ Non-woven Fabric+PP Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric+Non-Woven Fabric

This is high defense disposable protective KN95 face masks. KN95 mask adheres and covers from your nose to the chin to protect against droplets, dust, air pollutant, etc. KN95 masks are rated equivalently effective to perform like N95.

Application: It is worn by personnel in densely populated public transportation places and vehicles; by entering the living space of the isolation personnel.

In regards to the manufacturing process of KN95 face masks, you can refer to the below video for more information.


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