Disposable Face Mask Manufacturing

Date:2020-04-10   Click:1635

Our company produces 500,000 masks per day, and can produce 1 million masks per day in a month. All masks are produced in strict accordance with the procedure and will never be outsourced in excess of production capacity to ensure the quality of each shipment and the traceability of the market of each mask. Our products have passed the CE certification approved by the European Union and can safely and smoothly pass through the customs of the European Union. Here's how our disposable face masks are made:


1) Combine three layers of non-woven fabric;

Three different non-woven fabrics are placed on the fixed support on the production line and neatly stacked together by the laminator. There is a trumpet-shaped feeding port here, and a string of wires is continuously passed through the trumpet to the laminating machine.


2) Stitch the metal wire fixed by the nose clip into the laminated three-layer non-woven fabric;

From the suggestions for wearing masks correctly, we can know that the nose clip must be pinched to the bridge of the nose when wearing, so that wearing the mask will be firm. Otherwise, without this structure, my nose leak is more serious, the seal is not tight, and the protection effect is affected.


3) Folding mask;

Adult masks have uniform size specifications. How does it ensure that different people have the right size requirements to ensure that the nose, mouth and chin are wrapped to the greatest extent? On our mask production line, there is a folding device to achieve this purpose.

Next, in order to create a crease and better processing in subsequent processes, it needs to be flattened by a roller machine.


4) Cut to a single mask unit;


5) Strengthen the edges of the mask;

This step requires additional non-woven fabric to press-fit the edges of the mask.

At this stage, the extra non-woven fabric connects the single mask bodies that were cut in the previous stage, so we need to separate them again. After getting a single mask body with a reinforced edge, the next step comes.


6) Fix the hanging ear rope to the four corners of the mask with the thermoforming device;

Because the process of wearing a mask, the hanging ear loop is in a relatively tight state for a long time. In order to strengthen the binding strength of the rope and the mask body, it is necessary to use adhesives at the four corners of the mask. During the pressing process, it is mechanically transported. Hang the ear rope, and fix the ear rope to the mask with an adhesive under the heat pressing device.


7) Disinfection.

During the entire production process of the mask, not only the processing contact of the machine, but also the contact of many artificial links, the mask will inevitably be contaminated by bacteria. If it is an ordinary mask, it does not need to be sterilized, but the medical treatment requires the manufacturer to use a ring. Oxygen ethane (EO) sterilizer is disinfected. The mask was placed in an environment of 400 mg / L of ethylene oxide, and alkylation was applied to the hydroxyl group to make the microbial macromolecules inactive to achieve the purpose of sterilization. However, ethylene oxide is not only flammable and explosive, but also toxic to the human body. Therefore, it needs to stand for 7 days for analysis after disinfection. After the EO residual amount is lower than the required value, it can be packaged and shipped to medical staff.


This is all about the manufacturing process of disposable medical face mask. If you are still confused, contact us anytime.


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