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Since 2006, Best Technology is creating to provide professional service for customers in electronics and metal hardware. At very beginning, our products are metal dome which is used in cell phone, membrane switch, interface device, and any other devices which want a stable, long life cycles of dome switch. Very soon, we are starting to provide flexible circuits for our customers, as most of metal dome are used in products where flex circuits needed too. And then, we involved in rigid boards, such as FR4 PCB, Metal Core PCB, Ceramic PCB, SMT (PCBA) and product assembly. What we desired is always provide what customers want, with suitable products with best service.

Since COVID-19 expanding on the Earth, a lot of our customers asking whether we can provide them personal protective equipment/devices, (PPE) such as face mask, particulate respirator, isolation gown, medical gown (protective coverall), surgical dress, surgical caps, face shield, safety goggles, infrared thermometers and so on. Upon customers request, we are deciding to find suitable sources for these products. After checking with samples of hundreds of different suppliers, and visiting the production line of factories, we found out some suitable suppliers with good quality control and capability, so we set up a new market and create this new website focusing on medical related products.

Believing after strict quality controlling, from initial suppliers choosing, to products incoming checking, FQC, we strongly confident what customers received should be the same as customer saw on our website description and desired the cost they paid. 

Also we set up several production line to produce face mask (disposable face mask, and KN95) by ourselves, so that we can always control the production plan and meet customers’ urgent requirements, also will be helpful if our customers want to release an big order on us, or customers can submit a bid in their country. 

Hope this solution will be helpful for all of our customers, new or old, get good protection on themselves, and one day we will control the virus, and then nobody needs personal protective equipment/devices. Let’s pray together!